Antonyms and Synonyms :: Attitude is Altitude

             Here is a list of "Antonyms and Synonyms" from the lesson "Attitude is Altitude". You can by heart them and use in your own sentences so that you will get a command over the vocabulary.

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List of ANTONYMS and SYNONYMS according to the context of "Attitude   is Altitude"
Word Synonym(s) Antonym(S)
stretch extent,   elongate cease
wrap surround   with a covering free
brave bold,   adventurous afraid
limb appendage,   arm, leg
small tiny,   little big,   large
enable allow,   authorize prevent,   forbid
lost extinct,   destroyed, dead alive,   existing
faith trust,   belief disbelief
choose pick,   select, adopt
modest humble,   simple, moderate arrogant
love admire,   care for, cherish, worship hate,   despise, dislike
right appropriate,   fitting, correct wrong
special distinguished,   sistinctive normal,   ordinary
hard difficult,   exhausting easy
best correct,   right worst
shocked startled,   amazed
distraught upset,   worked-up calm,   cool, peaceful
cruel vicious,   pitiless compassionate
independent liberated,   free dependent
courage boldness,   braveness cowardice,   timidly
invent create destroy
device instrument,   tool
deeply completely,   intensely lightly
depressed despondent cheerful
terrified afraid unafraid
mounted anchored,   attached dismounted
drown submerge,   immerse
triumph victory,   achievement, accomplishement failure,   forfeit
adversity difficulty,   hard times, hardship, trouble
encourage boost,   reassure discourage
convictions belief,   faith distrust
award prize,   reward
bravery boldness,   courage cowardice,   timidly
perseverance diligence,   hard work, dedication, determination apathy
decide determine,   elect, choose hesitate
amazing / fantastic astonishing,   awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, shocking, unbelievable,   wonderful, believable,   credible, insignificant, ordinary, poor, bad
feat achievement,   adventure, deed defeat,   failure
realize appreciate,   become aware of disbelieve,   misinterpret
strong extreme,   forceful dull,   moderate
huge colossal,   enormous, extensive, giant, immense, massive dwarfed,   insignificant, limited, little, miniature