Grammar:: Attitude is Altitude (Unit-1 Personality Development)(Defining and Non-defining Relative Clause

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Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses

 Let us read the following sentences.

 1.     The woman who taught him surfing had been bitten by a shark.

 2.     Nick, who was teased and bullied, had an electric wheel chair for mobility…..

 What difference do you notice between sentence (1) and (2)? In sentence (1) the relative clause defines the woman. It is a Defining Relative Clause. In sentence (2) the Relative Clause adds extra information about Nick. This is a Non-defining Relative Clause.

 A Non-defining Relative Clause is preceded and followed by a comma or a hyphen.

 e.g: The brave 26- year- old -- who is mainly a torso -- plays football and golf, swims and surfs.

 I          Read the text again and identify some more Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses.

 1.                  ________________________________________________________

 2.                  _______________________________________________________

 3.                  _______________________________________________________

 4.                  _______________________________________________________

 5.                  ________________________________________________________

 II       Complete the sentences with Defining or Non-defining Relative Clauses.

 1.             This is the peaceful place _____________________________________.

 2.             The ‘Mahaprasthanam’ is a popular book _________________________ .

 3.             Suresh ___________________________ has left the school just now.

 4.             Is this the street __________________________________________ ?

 5.             The express _________________________________ has just arrived.