Summary:: I Will Do It


(Life of NR Narayana Murthy)

                 This passage or story is a selection from one of Sudha Murthy’s stories “How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and other Stories”. In this passage Sudha Murthy, wife of Narayana Murthy, gives a picture of life history of her husband and how he became the symbol of victory over difficulties and adversities.

She says that he was short but sharp. He was the brightest boy in his class i.e. whenever even his seniors got doubts or difficulties they used to ask Murthy for help. Murthy will be seen glow in his eyes when he was asked a question related to Physics or Mathematics. He got such a talent and interest in these two subjects.

She narrated an incident from Murthy’s life. He is a bright student and wanted to study at an IIT at Madras. He applied for the entrance test. He appeared the test staying at a relative’s home in Bengalore. You can expect the result. He got a high rank in entrance test and asked his father, who is a school teacher that he wanted to pursue his engineering at IIT Madras. But his father convinced Murthy stating his financial and family position.

Then Murthy decided to do big convincing himself that it is you, you alone can change your life with hard work. Then he started working hard and completed his education. He built a team who were equally good and started an Information Technology Company named INFOSYS. That is the starting point of technology wave in India.

Thus Murthy became a pioneer of India’s software industry. He shared his wealth among the needy and became a philanthropist.


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