English Discourses Material Book for class 10

English Discourses Material Book for class 10

  revised book version 2.144

Thank you all for your great and tremendous support for the book published last year. It is brought to your notice that the new version 2.144 of the "DISCOURSES" book has been published with more examples and more practice questions. We supply online "FREE VIDEO LESSONS" on Discourses.
 Many efforts have been taken care of in preparing this book. It is really different from any other book. One definitely loves it. It is prepared for the students. It deals with the discourses only, not the pedagogy. I believe that it would be helpful for both the children of Telugu medium and English medium.

After making use of this book you can send your own or your students work to my whatsapp or mail so that it will be published on this blog with your name and address and will be helpful for others. Hope you support the community.

1. Contextualized Discourses 

2. Choreography for all poems

3. Useful vocabulary for each discourse

4. Simple language is used

5. Maximum examples for each discourse

6. About 200 practice questions

7. Tips to score more

8. Lay out for each discourse

9. Slogans using brevity

10. All -17 discourses - covered

11. All kinds of descriptions discussed

12. A4 size handy book

13. 148 pages book (Perfect Binding)

14. Affordable price


Difference between ours and others
Contextualized according to GO No.17
Choreography for all poems
No choreography
Simple language
Sophisticated language
Exclusively for class 10
General for all classes
Two kinds of profiles
One only
Five kinds of descriptions
one or two only
Slogans for brevity
No slogans
Contextualized stories
Other stories
Contextual Drama/skit/play
No drama
Tips to score more
No tips

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