The Dear Departed 1 and 2


Points to remember:
  • ·         Mr. Abel Merryweather is the father of his two daughters – Amelia and Elizabeth. Amelia is married to Henry Slater and Elizabeth to Ben Jordan. Victoria is the Slater’s only daughter. The Jordan have a son – Jimmy.
  • ·         The problem is, the two daughters didn’t love their father, especially since his wife died years ago (we do not know how many years ago).
  • ·         If the two daughters tolerated their father, it was only for his wealth and assets.
  • ·         At present, tor the last three years, Mr. Abel has been staying with Amelia’s family, upstairs. Before that, he had been with daughter Elizabeth who quarreled with Amelia for not taking their father back.
  • ·         This morning, when Victoria went to see her grandfather, the old man was found dead. Without checking if the old man was really dead, the Slaters sent a telegram to the Jordans announcing the much awaited death.
  • ·         While waiting for the Jordans, the Slaters get the best of the mourning dresses, steals all that they could from the dead man’s room – a bureau in exchange of their old chest of drawers, and a pair of slippers.
  • ·         The Jordans arrive. Instead of going upstairs to see the dead father, the two daughters and their husbands sit for tea and start deviding their father’s things.
  • ·         The two daughters start blaming each other and their husbands support them.
  • ·         While the tea goes on, Mr. Abel, who had been sleeping due to exhaustion, comes down from his room, in body and the realization strikes the Slaters and the Jordans alike. They cannot quite accept the fact that Mr. Abel wasn’t really dead.
  • ·         Mr. Abel wonders at seeing the Jordans after a long time and wants to know who has died in the family for which they had put on black mourning dresses. With great difficulty and confusion, they try to conceal from him that it was for him that they had put on mourning dresses.
  • ·         Slowly Mr. Abel learns that his daughters had no real love for him and that they had thought that he had been dead and were getting ready to bury him.
  • ·         Mr. Abel decides to make a new will – one that disqualifies the two daughters from inheriting his wealth.
  • ·         Mr. Abel then announces that he was getting married to his old friend’s widow because he needed someone to love him in reality. He then invites his children and grand children to attend his marriage and goes out.

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