Antonyms and Synonyms:: Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures

            Here is a list of "Antonyms and Synonyms" from the lesson "Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures". You can by heart them and use in your own sentences so that you will get a command over the vocabulary.

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List of ANTONYMS and SYNONYMS according to the context of "Every Success Story is also a Story of Great Failure"
Word Parts   of speech Synonym(s) Antonym(S)
nervous adj fearful,   timid, timorous confident,   bold
success noun achievement,   triumph, accomplishment defeat,   failure, forfeit
lucky adj fortunate,   opportune unlucky
defeat verb overwhelm,   overthrow, downfall fail,   lose, surrender
sweetheart noun girlfriend,   boyfriend, companion enemy,   foe
quit verb abandon,   leave, depart, drop, give up allow,   begin, continue
detour noun deviation,   diversion
inventor noun creator,   founder, originator
attorney noun lawyer,   advocate, barrister, pleader
humiliate verb embarrass,   degrade, demean encourage,   honour, respect
invention noun discovery,   coinage, design steal
wisdom noun insight,   common sense, foresight ignorance,   imprudence
beatup adj dilapidated,   battered, broken-down, damaged, OK,   good, healthy, repaired
remember verb commemorate,   recall, recognize, remind forget
estimate verb guess,   assess, evaluate, expect disregard,   hesitate
hard adj difficult,   exhausting easy,   facile
talent noun ability,   capability, capacity, skill ignorance,impotence,   inability
partially adv incompletely,   moderately, partly completely,   totally, wholly
stupid adj dull,   dumb, foolish, senseless bright,   intelligent, sharp, smart, wise, thoughtful
reverse noun opposite,   reversal front,   same
appear verb arrive,   come out disappear,   abandon, conceal, depart, hide
fire verb dismiss,   discharge, expel employ,   hire
inevitable adj imminent,   necessary avoidable,   escapable
humility noun humbleness,   modesty arrogance
grief noun agony,   anguish, despair, gloom, misery, mourning, woe, worry, sorrow blessing,   comfort, contentment, peace, pleasure, relief
courage noun boldness,   braveness, bravery cowardice,   fear, humility
faith noun belief,   conviction disbelief,   doubt
victor noun champ,   champion, conqueror, winner loser
victim noun suffere,   casuality, martyr criminal,   culprit
desire noun ambition,   fascination, wish apathy,   disgust
purpose noun intention,   meaning, aim, ambition, goal, target
conceive verb understand,   assume, believe, perceive neglect
achieve verb accomplish,   complete, attain fail,   lose, surrender
secret adj covert,   private, hidden, unrevealed apparent,   open, public, revealed
surprize noun amazement,   astonishment, awe, bewilderment, miracle, shock, wonder calmness,   expectation
reply verb acknowledge,   react, respond, retort question,   request
want verb desire,   need, require, wish dislike,   not want
starting noun opening,   origin, outset conclusion,   end
accomplishment noun achievement,   triumph failure,   forfeit
produce verb generate,   create, form, invent, yield demolish,   destroy
outclass verb surpass,   beat, excel fail,   lose, surrender


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