Glossary Video and Text :: Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures

It's a good practice to have a look at the glossary before you read the text or go to the comprehension passage.

            You can watch the video lesson on glossary and get the complete meanings for difficult words in the lesson.

Word Parts of speech Meaning
nervous adj highly   excitable; unnaturally apprehensive
quit verb to   give up or resign; let go; relinquish
defeat verb to overcome in   a contest, election, battle, etc.; prevail over; vanquish
detour noun a roundabout or circuitous way or course, especially one used temporarilywhen the main route is closed
dead-end noun something that has no exit
charge verb to instruct authoritatively, as   a judge does a jury
attorney noun a   lawyer
fraudulent adj deceptive,   false
humiliate verb to cause (a person) a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity; mortify
beat-up adj dilapidated;   in poor condition from use
recipe noun a set of instructions for making or preparing something, especially a fooddish
minister (church) noun a person authorized to conduct religious worship; member of the clergy;pastor
infest adj (of   insects or animals) be present (in a place or site) in large numbers,   typically so as to cause damage or disease
inspired verb to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence
bounceback noun the act or   an instance of bouncing back or recovering
go up verb to   be consumed by fire
anew adv again   / once more / over again
attitude noun manner,   disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing;   tendency or orientation, especially of the mind
altitude noun extent or distance upward; height
broke adj lacking   money
fire verb to   terminate an employment contract of an employee especially for cause of   misconduct or poor performance
inevitable adj unable to   be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary
setback noun a check to progress; a reverse or defeat
humility noun the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one'sown importance, rank, etc
overcome verb to prevail over (opposition, a debility, temptations, etc); surmount
stumbling block noun an obstacle or hindrance to progress, belief, or understanding
conceive verb to hold as   an opinion; think; believe
gasp verb a   sudden, short intake of breath
duck verb to   lower something into water
turn blue idiom oxynated   blood is drained i.e., needed oxyzen
cinch noun certain   to happen
outclassed verb to surpass in excellence or quality, especially by   a wide margin; be superior
short-cut noun a method, procedure, policy, etc., that reduces the    time or energy needed toaccomplish something
victor noun a winner in any struggle or contest
victim noun a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency

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