Antonyms and Synonyms:: I Will Do It

    Here is a list of "Antonyms and Synonyms" from the lesson "I Will Do It". You can by heart them and use in your own sentences so that you will get a command over the vocabulary.

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Word Parts of speech Synonym(s) Antonym(S)
short adj small,   thick, tiny tall,   lengthy
sharp adj perceptive,   quick-witted, bright, brilliant, lintelligent, smart dull,   normal, stupid, unintelligent
bright adj brilliant,   sharp, smart dull,   slow, stupid, unintelligent
senior adj elder,   leading junior
difficulty noun adversity,   complication, crisis, hardship, hazard, trouble advantage,   blessing
unnoticed adj unseen,   ignored, overlooked, undiscovered, unrecognized noted,   noticed, seen
crowd noun crew,   group, mass, mob, party, people individual,   one, single
spark noun flash,   flare, gleam, glitter, glow, sparkle dullness
faster adj speedy,   brisk, quick, rapid, swift slow
avid adj enthusiastic,   eager, keen, zealous apathetic,quenched   disinterested,
entrance noun access,   entry exit
friend noun acquaintance,   ally, buddy foe,   enemy, stranger
appear verb arrive,   come, emerge diappear,   conceal, abandon, leave
special adj distinguished,   distinctive, significant, specific, uique, unusual common,   familiar, normal, ordinary, OK
aspirant adj applicant,   candidate, contestant amateur
sleepy adj quiet,   silent noisy
ultimate adj best,   greatest, utmost, superlative inferior,   lowest
aim noun goal,   ambition, aspiration, desire, intent, purpose, target aimlessness
struggle verb cope,   strive, tackle, toil, try idle,   neglect
opposite noun antithesis,   contrary, antonym same,   similarity, likeness
imply verb indicate,   mean, signify define,   state
hurt adj agonized,   bruised, tortured pleased
excellent adj superior,   wonderful, magnificent, outstanding, exceptional, superb bad,   common, ordinary, poor
delight noun enjoyment,   happiness, joy, pleasure discontent,   unhappiness, dissatisfaction
thrilled adj excited,   elated bored
bitter adj painful,   distressing, cruel, harsh pleasant
truth noun reality,   validity, fact falsehood,   flaw
fond adj affectionate,   adoring, loving hating
sorrow noun grief,   agony, misery, mourning, worry blessing,   cheer, happiness, joyfulness, pleasure
introvert noun loner,   solitary extrovert
angry adj enraged,   annoyed, furious peaceful,   calm, cool
excited adj eager,   thrilled, delighted unexcited,   calm
aware adj knowledgeable,   awake, mindful ignorant,unaware
comfort noun ease,   contentment, amenity discomfort,   discontent, displeaure
legally adv constitutionally,   lawfully illegally,   unlawfully
ethically adv decently,   properly unethically
equally adv fairly,   evenly, equitably unequally,   unevenly
uncompromising adj determined,   rigid flexible,   compromising

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  1. When I was in class 7 we had a English language book which had chapters called antonyms and synonyms. And yet it added to the already over-tiring syllabus of my overall subjects.
    Being forced to learn with a threat hinged upon it of not securing decent marks in the paper because of not learning those terms. 7 years have gone past now I realize how useful it was to learn these. But I feel that is not how a person should learn- just for the sake of learning. Now whenever I come across words, i make note of them and register them in my mind. You can maintain a notebook. Start with few synonyms and antonyms then go on increasing them.
    Just google a basic term say rapid, they’ll list it’s antonyms and synonyms and that’s really easy.