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One-word Substitutes

 Look at the underlined words in the following sentences from the lesson.

1.       Today he has become an icon of simplicity, uncompromising quality and fairness, apart from being a philanthropist.

2.       He became a pioneer of India's software industry and started the Information technology wave.

What is the meaning of ‘philanthropist’? A philanthropist is one who devotes his service or wealth for the love of mankind.

Who is a pioneer? A pioneer is a person who is the first to study and develop a particular area of knowledge, culture, etc. that other people then continue to develop.

You have observed that the meaning of a group of words is substituted with a word as in sentences (1) and (2). Words which replace a group of words or a full sentence effectively without creating any kind of ambiguity in the meaning of the sentences are called one word substitutes. The main purpose of using one word substitutes is to express the idea precisely and accurately.

Sl.No Word Meaning
   1.       fatalist       a   person who believes in fate   
   2.       centenarian       a   person who is above hundred years   
   3.       omnipresent       one who   is present everywhere   
   4.       mercenary       a   person who can do anything for money   
   5.       misogynist       one who   hates women   
   6.       monogamy       a   practice of having one wife or husband   
   7.       autobiography       a life   history written by oneself   
   8.       biography       a life   history written by somebody else   
   9.       honorary       a   position for which no salary is paid   
   10.       ambiguous       a   sentence whose meaning is unclear   

Now take a test by choosing one answer from given options for the word given and get instant result there.

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