Grammar:: Wit and Humour:: Unit-II The Dear Departed and The Brave Potter

I. Read the following sentences from the play and notice the underlined words.

 1.       She'll come fast enough after her share of what our father has left.

2.       Mrs. Slater doesn't have enough money to buy the bureau.

In both the sentences 'enough' is underlined. 'Enough' means 'sufficient'.

In a sentence , 'enough' is used after adjectives, adverbs or verbs as an adverb, and before nouns as a determiner.

A.    Now decide whether 'enough' in the following sentences is used as an 'adjective' or an 'adverb'.

1.       This house is not big enough for me.

2.       We didn't leave early enough.

3.       I was not trained enough for the game.

4.       Is there enough room for me?

5.       I do not have enough clothes for my journey.

 B.    Complete the following sentences using 'enough' / 'not enough' and one of the words given in the list below.

 fast      strong time      sweet   money old        warm   beds     hard    water

1.       Harish wants to be a great wrestler but he is ___________________________ .

2.       I want to sit and watch T.V. but I just don't have _____________________ .

3.       He tried to win the race but he came third as he was not ________________ .

4.       This bath is freezing. The water is ________________________________ .

5.       We had to sleep on the floor as there were ________________________ .

6.       There is ________________ to make a cup of tea! What is wrong with the pipes?

7.       If Sujatha does not have ___________________, I can lend her.

9.       Vasavi is not _____________________ to become a member of this club. She must be at least 18 years of age to join.

10.  Is this coffee ________________ for you? Would you like some more sugar?

11.  Do you think he has studied _____________________ to pass the entrance exam?

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