Learn Vocabulary and Take Test:: The Dear Departed 1 and 2

I. Compound Adjectives

 Read the following sentences from your text and notice the underlined words.

 1.       Henry and Mrs. Slater stagger in with a pretty, old-fashioned bureau.

 2.       Mrs. Slater rose briskly at length in a business-like tone.

 3.       His bright eyes twinkle under his heavy, reddish-gray eye brows.

 4.       I’ll not be quiet. Oh, I call it a double-faced behaviour.

     The underlined words in the above four sentences are ‘compound adjectives’ in hyphenated form. A compound adjective is an adjective that comprises more than one word. Hyphens are used to link the words together to show that they constitute one adjective.

 Make compound adjectives choosing one word from list ‘A’ and another word from list ‘B’ and fill in the blanks with them.


   List ‘A’       List ‘B’       Compound Adjective   
   clear       last       eg. clear-sighted   
   new       sunk   
   cold       hair   
   four       blood   
   curly       day   
   well       star   
   half       read   
   five       lay   
   peacock       blue   
   long       sight   

Go through the meanings and take the test:

Clear-sightedthinking clearly and sensibly

New-laid(of an egg) recently laid

Cold-bloodedwithout emotion or pity; deliberately cruel or callous

Four-day : a period of four days time

Curly-hair : having hair which is curly and twisting

Well-readhaving a lot of knowledge from reading widely; knowledgeable

Half-sunk : damaged and not in a working condition

Five-starhaving five stars in a grading system in which this denotes the highest standard

Peacock-bluea greenish-blue colour like that of a peacock's neck

Long-lastingenduring or having endured for a long period of time

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