Summary of Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures

(A motivational collection of stories)

             It is an essay concentrating the point to motivate us by giving historical examples of the great personalities and their failure stories faced before their grand success.

            It gives a complete picture of the failure story of Abraham Lincoln. He failed many a time in different elections, business and even lost his sweetheart. But finally he became the president of US.

            Then it narrates the hardships of Lee De Forest for his triodes tube invention and how he was humiliated and charged by the attorney claiming him a fraud but where we would be without his invention. The telecommunications now a day we are enjoying is the gift of Forest.

            This passage gives an incident in the life of Wright Brothers. They had been questioned their wisdom in an article but in a week they proved by flying the first flight in the air.

            At the age of 65 Colonel Sanders with little money started selling recipes of his mother style. He had knocked more than 1000 doors to get his first order. Now every corner of the world tastes his recipes in the name of KFC.

             This passage illustrates that famous Walt Disney had faced many rejections in his life. But he had become the famous cartoonist and introduced the animated movies to the world.

            It tells the failure stories of great Thomas Edison. He was rejected by his teacher from the school. But he had become the light of the world.

            And finally this passage narrates a story of Socrates. He demonstrates a young man by ducking him in the water the secret to success.

            Lastly it is said that a burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishments. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great results.

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